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Everything In Place: 3D production

In this multichannel video installation by artists Patrick Cruz, Serena Lee and Casey Mecija, place is both inheritance and memory; it is at once shifting ground, and colonial remnant. Marked by distinct geographies of Toronto’s Asian communities, these works address a politics of location through diasporic tensions of tradition, racialization, and translation. The viewer, implicated in this immersion, can engage with the videos through their phones, and access translated subtitles in multiple Asian languages.

This exhibition is coproduced by the Modest Eyes collective, with curation by Project Lead Immony Men and Maiko Tanaka and production support from OCAD University, Public Visualization Lab including Luke Garwood, Jon Silveira, Lequanne Collins-Bacchus, Immony Men, and Patricio Davila.

Our role at the Public Visualization Lab was to provide production support for the artists. This began with a demonstration of our available resources; structure scanner, motion capture suit, 4k drone, and facial motion capture.

We primarily worked alongside Serena Lee with a motion capture suit, 3D modeling, and some drone footage. The motion capture data was experimented on with Touchdesigner, Unity, and Maya.

The Arnold renderer was used to render the final output. We then provided the artist with raw video for further development.