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This concept was created to persuade the board of directors of the Ontario Historical Society to consider a logo design and rebrand. The current logo is a coat of arms that depicted a stereotypical representation of an indigenous person with a British settler, in Latin “For All” under the settler and “From All” under the indigenous person. Additionally, the new logo would set the tone and color for a full rebrand in the upcoming year.

Organizations like Heritage Toronto were an inspiration for the redesign and brand structure. Heritage Toronto uses an eight color Modular logo, the logo and brand colors are used in charts, overlays and the on web. Some of the keywords used to describe the Ontario Historical Society’s network and membership: rural & urban history, inclusive, volunteers, umbrella organization, Unifier/Umbrella Organization.

Logo Development: Concept

The Ontario Historical Society is an umbrella organization that represents the history of the rural and urban, it unifies all members and under one organization. The chosen concept is a modular design, multiple squares are arranged to form the contour of Ontario’s land mass. Each square represents the individual member, partner or society based in the area. The amount of squares were reduced to represent the five regions of Ontario with five designated brand colors. The main color, space cadet blue is an allusion to the preceding brand color royal blue. Insp here.

Logo Development: Typography

Ontario histoical society

Fairplex Wide OT, Book

The font Fairplex was designed by Zuzana Licko. It is between a serif and a slab serif. The thin straight stroke in the characters and the low contrast stroke weight is complementary to the geometric logo treatment

Logo Development: Color

Logo Development: Alternate Color Explorations

Logo Development: Final

Brand Development: Size & Isolation Areas

The Ontario Historical Society logo has been designed to reproduce at a minimum height of 30 mm. On the web the minimum size of the logo is 113 pixels deep. There is no maximum reproduction size of the logo.

Leave letters “ON” space on all sides when placing logo.

Brand Development: Color



Brand Development: Typography

Univers LT Std, 65 Bold

Univers LT Std, 45 Light

Brand Development: Application