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The Anthropecene

We are living in the epoch of the Anthropecene that is defined by significant human influence on Earth’s geology and ecosystem. The destructive nature of anthropocentric tendencies has been exemplified by the near extinction of the Pacific bluefin tuna. Since the 1960’s, the rise in popularity of sushi in the west has caused a dramatic shift in the value of bluefin tuna.1 Formerly ground up and used as cat food 1, bluefin tuna is now valued over two hundred dollars per pound.2

Currents is an interactive illustration of human influence in the disappearance of species and drastic changes to the environment. The migration pattern of the Pacific bluefin tuna becomes disrupted as bodies interact with the installation. A person’s movement is represented as currents moving across the Earth’s oceans. The Pacific bluefin then follows the movement of the human body and eventually vanishes. As more people enter the frame, the higher the number of fish are affected. As people exit the frame, the population of the Pacific bluefin tuna slowly replenishes thus restoring the species within its environment. The question remains, is a natural balance ever possible within the Anthropocene?

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The work uses a Kinect v2 to capture depth data, and uses optical flow to control objects. The program was created in Processing using code compiled from; Trent Brooks: Noise Ink, Hidetoshi Shimodaira: Optical flow, Thomas Diewald: Pixel Flow and Daniel Shiffman: The Nature of Code.
A full list of resources: here.


There were several earlier iterations of this installation. Above is an alternative version using Conway's game of life. The installation uses a Kinect to capture the users body and hand movements, the user can destroy or create cells with hand gestures.

This an exploration based on The Strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion; subjects in dim lighting describe facial distortions and apparitions in mirrors. This is linked to a combination of the Troxler fading effect and Gestalt principle.1
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Complete notes and documentation of this project: here.


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